Brian Clark
Brian and Chester Hearring doing a remote from the Megacruiser.
This is on the roll-out stage.

An L.P.B. thirty-channel console takes the inputs from the local mike and cart machines, if they are used. A mix-minus at the studio brings everything back to the Megacruiser EXCEPT the mikes.
Brian is the Chief Engineer for KHHT, as well as the remote coordinator for both KIIS-FM and KHHT. This involves planning the event with the salespeople, working with programming to make sure we have everything we need, ordering ISDN and phone lines, surveying the site to make sure the program will go smoothy, and finally, actually doing the remote. Brian works with Jerry Burnham on the Dees remotes, often starting at 3:00 AM, when the Megacruiser arrives.
Brian pioneered the use of an Inmarsat ''B' terminal and a Telos Zephyr for a live broadcast from the John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

The program aired on Dec. 16th, 1999 and was the 'Goo Goo Dolls' doing a seagoing concert as a part of their European USO Tour.
JFK Seal
Radio World ran Brian's story about the remote in their March 15, 2000 issue.
For the details about this 'first-time-ever' adventure, browse Brian's website by clicking on the J.F.K. emblem!
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