or getting to know Your Inner Self

There are many different schools of thought about meditation, and just as many different ways to meditate. Eyes closed, eyes open, sitting, kneeling, or even lying down. The important thing about all of them is that they be practiced on a regular basis.

Many forms of meditation use a chant, or mantra, to help clear the mind of extraneous clutter and to give it a chance to observe itself at a much deeper level than is usually possible.

This is very important, especially so to those of us that are trained to analyze everything for form and function. If you treat the mind, and/or the events of your life as exercises in analysis, you will soon find how impossible it is to make sense of them. In meditation, we learn to let go of the details and to let the focus blur; to realize there are some questions that have no answers. At least not now..

By succumbing to the realization that we really don't have control over very much of our lives, we reach the core; The inner peace that comes from letting go of the conflicts, problems, and aggravations we face.

The result is a capability to handle much more, and to not let anything become an insurmountable task.

Here's the Bottom Line:

If you are always in a hurry to do the next activity, you're in the future and missing the now, which is where your life is happening.

You may find yourself saying. "I haven't got the time to spend with all of this." If you haven't got the time to sit quietly with yourself for ten to twenty minutes a day, you are probably too busy or you aren't using your time well.

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