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This procedure allows you to get color contour maps from the F.C.C.'s Website.
You may also plot multiple stations on one map...

To start, create a work folder for the files you'll be working with...

You'll also need the 'PAINT' program supplied with Windows 95/98, and know how to use it....

If the station(s) you are plotting have directional antennas, you'll need to
have the pattern information before proceeding.
In the first step, you'll enter the call letters, and click 'View FM List'.
Then you'll get the station information. After that happens, Click on the red 'HAAT' figure.
If more then one configuration is returned, pick the one you want to use.
(Some stations have multiple licenses for Aux Transmitters and Antennas)

The information you picked will be returned to the HAAT program.
Scroll down and pick the contour 'dbu' values you desire, and type them in next to the different color options.
You may enter up to five different contour values. Each will have its own color. The ones you leave blank will not be displayed.

After you've filled in the contours, scroll down and click on 'Submit to HAAT program'. After a long pause, the program will return a table of all 360 degrees, and the distance to the contours for each one of them.
The system will plot multiple stations on one map. To add more stations, scroll down to the green block and enter additional call letters, clicking on the 'Submit To HAAT Program' as you add each set..

Once you've filled in the data for all the stations you want to plot, click on 'Plot Contours on a Tiger Census Map'.

When the map is returned, put the mouse pointer on the MAP, not the scale beneath it, or the banner above it.

Right Click, and choose 'Save Image As'
Select the path to your work folder, and then enter a name. Use a *.GIF suffix, as that's what the map returns.

While you're at it, right click on the Scale below and save it as:
You can paste it into the map you're about to save.
Remember not to change the scale while working with the Graphic Program.

Use the Paint Program to paste in the scale. You might also want to block out a space and use the Paint Tools to make blocks, fill them with color, and designate the signal levels of the various contours. That's how the sample map at the top of this page was done.

All set? This link will take you to the F.C.C.'s system, where you start with the call letters:

You can use Graphic Workshop to convert the final GIF file to any of a number of other formats. It also is valuable when you want to print the map. By selecting
'Autosize to Fill Page'
in the print process, the map will be just the right size.
It also offers a number of other manipulation tools.
If you'd like to download 'Graphic Workshop', click here...
Graphic Workshop Professional

Any questions, comments, suggestions etc, just send a note.

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