A Collecton of Notable Radio Stories; some vignettes that make you realize that after years of effort to get to the BIG TIME, you finally understand :

There IS No Big Time !

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Tom Murphy and the Elephant!

The Little Blue Arc !

The Annunciator Statues

Or is it Annunciation ??

The Modulation Menorah

No religion is safe:

Schneider and the Shower

Our Most Embarrassing Giveaway ..


The KIIS Budweiser Beach House

Oh, No! We Got Busted at the
Beach House !

Does the Mighty R.C.A. Still Exist ?

A Bounty to Find Engineers ?

How to Kill 4,000 satellite receivers in 1 second...
The A.P. Disaster...

I TOLD you we should have bought Belden! Splice Why cheap cable doesn't pay...

The Jiant Jethroburger
Who can eat it ?
Jiant Jethroburger

Kowa's 'New' Cart Machine Kowa Cart For jocks that resist change!

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