Our station in Thousand Oaks

KLYF started life in 1972 as KGOE. The idea was to build a system that could handle up to 50,000 watts during the day, and to drop power at night to protect
(genuflect here) KOA, in Denver. The station never did get more than 500 watts during the day, and a mere 250 watts at night. During that evolution, the station had formats ranging from 'All-Comedy' radio to the new Radio AHS (Radio Oz).. It's now all Sports !

The transmitter site is in a beautiful meadow in Thousand Oaks, about 40 miles North of Los Angeles

There are 4 towers, in a row. The station only produces 500 watts, but the natural beauty of the hillside, the flowers, birds, and the peaceful nature of the location make it a very special place to work.

The phasing system was built by Dick Haskey, in a construction system where he bolted alunimum panels to wood studs, and then mounted the coils and capacitors to the panels. The phasor itself, then, is a room inside the transmitter building. The contactors are on the floor, and the interlocks include the wooden door into the room.

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When we first visited the site, the transmitter building and all of the tuning units had been invaded by a denizen of animal forms.

The worst of these are the Black Widows, which seem to be everywhere. They seem especially fond of the transmitter building.

These photos were taken the first day we visited the site. Needless to say, the spiders have been removed. And it's now safe to work in the tuning units.

Truthfully, with the low output of KLYF, you'd have to be standing next to the tower to be endangered. The sign is more to keep people from being a nuisance than anything else....

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