Murphy and the Elephant

This is a story about a remote broadcast.

A remote broadcast hosted by the 'W.F.T.M.', a.k.a. the 'World Famous Tom Murphy'... nuf said ?

Tom was doing a broadcast from the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Forum in Inglewood.

Tom wanted a really long mike cord so he could roam around, visit people, and get into the crowd.

About 15 minutes into the program, Tom decided to go cover the animals trotting into the ring. All went well with the zebras, the horses, and even the clowns. But when the elephants came in, Murphy decided to go interview one of them. You know, 'Hey, Jumbo, what ya got in the trunk ?' That sort of stuff. But during the interview, he got the mike too close to one of the pachyderms.

It grabbed the mike out of his hand and swallowed it.

It happened so fast Murphy was speechless. We heard grumbles and swishing on the air for a moment, and then this thunderous low rumbling phhfft/wheeze/bronx cheer thing that lasted about 15 seconds, It started really low and rumbly, and then slowly built up. It got louder and higher in pitch until finally, there was no denying what it was we had on the air.

By the time it ended, Murphy had another mike, and staring at the elephant in amazement, he slowly said into the live mike:

"Well, I guess an elephant fart's really loud when you're inside the elephant...!"

We pulled on the cord and got the MD-421 (Great Bass Response, right?) out of the elephant, but whoever had to use it after that held it with a towel....

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