Suddenly there was this loud CRACK, and a HUGE Flash of Intense White Light came from the back of the transmitter,. Then an ear-splitting KABOOM and a cloud of smoke rose to the ceiling. A strange reddish glow started to appear. The Power Supply was going 'Changa Changa, Changa' in a desperate attempt to keep producing high voltage. . All the lights on the front were flashing on and off. The smoke was unbelieveable. I had NO idea what the hell had heppened. In a total panic, I reached over and pulled the breaker.

The room was filling with thick, acrid smoke. It was burning my lungs.. The strange reddish glow was brilliant out the back of the transmitter. It got brighter and brighter as I reached for the light switch.. I could see the clouds of thick smoke pouring out the back, in the light of the glow. But the power to the transmitter was OFF; what could be producing such a brilliance ??

Finally, I got the lights on, and looked around the back of the transmitter to see what had happened. I was absolutely unprepared for what I saw.

There were burning cigarettes EVERYWHERE... Inside the transmitter, on the bottom of the transmitter, on top of the transmitter, and all over the floor outside the transmitter. Dozens of them. And they were all burning. And not just burning at the end, but the whole length of them was on fire. From one end to the other. All on fire, all at once.

I looked for Dennis. He was leaning against the wall, rocked back on his heels. His eyes were the size of saucers, with pinpoint pupils. His mouth was wide open. He wasn't moving, and he wasn't saying a thing. He was just staring into the transmitter...

"Dennis ?" I asked.... " Dennis, are you all right." No answer.
He just looked straight ahead, catatonic.

"Dennis, Speak to me .... Damn, what the hell happened ?".

Finally Dennis responded. "I've looked into the eyes of God."
"I'll never be the same. "

In a few minutes things had recovered to the point where I found what had happened. Want to see the villian ? Want to see what made the explosion ?

Here it is :

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