See the Marlboro Pack ?

See the nice gold paint on the Marlboro pack?

Remember how Michael, in a moment of utter stupidity, decided to use the pack of Marlboros to BLOCK OPEN THE HIGH VOLTAGE INTERLOCK ?

Can you imagine the power supply coming to life, charging up all those nice big PCB-laden filter capacitors, until the voltage rose so high it punctured the box of Marlboros ?

Imagine 40 mfd. at 2600 volts blasting through the box, the foil, and everything else in the way. Including the tobacco, and papers, and even the filters ?

You can now appreciate the explosion, and why, after a good hour cleaning all the debris and crap out of the transmitter, I found MYSELF behind the R.C.A., with my eyes wide open, watching for the elusive little 'blue arc'....

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