Or is it 'Annunciation' ???

When a commercial is close to ending, it's a good idea to have SOME way to let the DJ know. That way he can put down his paper, girlfriend, or whatever else is distracting him, so he'll be ready to go on the air.

It's usually a light - something that doesn't make noise.

In the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, what could have been more fitting than statues of the Holy Family, that would light up at the appropriate times ??

This one is Mary - she let us know when the spot in machine # 2 was about to end. Joseph lit up for the end of deck # 1

And in a stroke of utter genius, we hooked Jesus up to the overmodulation flasher.

These simple acts of homage to the Holy Family were enough to get us thrown out of the basement of the Church.

Just as well, it was embarrassing to ask Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Stones, and even the Holy Modal Rounders to walk through a churchyard so we could interview them...

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