For the Summer of 1998 (and beyond), we decided to have a presence at (where else?) the Beach! So we got ahold of this house, and noticed that it was already pretty well painted up with fluorescent colors. That saved us having to do it ourselves.

What we didn't know until AFTER renting it was that one of the former occupants was a well known rock singer. That may have helped account for the wild color scheme.

And because that singer is no longer alive, it made the whole thing kind of macabre. Sort of like you shouldn't yell too loud in here. The photo below is of the upper bedroom. Where the vocalist slept.

And he probably 'Lit His Fire' and watched the flames dance in this fireplace....

We'll be doing remote broadcasts from the Beach House all summer long, and well into the fall. Plans for - every day - from 10 AM until 6 PM.

This was the former home of Jim Morrison. Lead vocalist for the Doors.

Morrison supposedly died of an overdose in a Paris hotel room. But his remains were never recovered, and there have been regular rumors that he's been seen travelling in various parts of the world.

We do know that the Doors used to give concerts on the balcony of this house, as was shown in the opening scenes of the movie 'The Doors'....

Here, in a corner, is the Mackie Mixer and the remote equipment..

Hey, what do you want for a simple 'On Location' remote ???

Does Morrison's Ghost walk the floors at night ? Does mysterious music play ? One of the KIIS A.E.'s is living in the upstairs rooms - the very ones Jim used when he wanted to be alone..... And HE says Jim and he talk late into the night......

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