The warehouse roofs are made of 1/2" plywood. There was no way they could support the 2,500+ lb. weight of the filter boxes as they were moved into place.
Helicopters were considered, but they would he tangled with the exiting guy wires, and we would have had to evacuate the block around the building. All that was left was to use cranes and a 'trolley line'

There were two boxes for each tower, an Antenna Tuning Unit and Filter for KIIS, and a Filter for KTNQ.
They were delivered on the back of a truck and were lifted up to the roof using a crane.

Once the boxes were up, they were attached to a trolley line strung between two cranes on opposite sides of the buildings.

The building were 150+ feet across, which meant the trolley lines were over 200 feet, and were supporting over a ton of weight in the middle.

On the roofs, the transmission lines had to carry the power to each of the towers. Just the wood for the trestles cost over
$ 12,000

For details of the coax line planning, routing, and placement, click here:

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