KIIS has always done remotes. Lots of them. It was kind of embarrassing when we went on the air and invited listeners down to see us do remote broadcasts. What they saw was likely to be a disc jockey at a card table with a banner. Roy Laughlin, our manager, thought we should be able to do more to enhance our image. He asked Mike to start from scratch and see what he could come up with.

After all, just because we don't get to hear our audience laugh, clap, and cheer for us, doesn't mean we're any less in show business. They expect to be entertained, and that's what we're here to do...

The KIIS Megacruiser was built to confirm our role as entertainers, and to give our audience something to talk about.

Imagine this scenario:
A huge 46 foot long trailer pulls into the front of a shopping center.
Thundrous music starts playing and a door opens in the side of the trailer, revealing a curtain. The music gets louder, and a voice booms out:

And Now, LIVE from the KIIS Megacruiser and the Montclair Plaza, it's the Gary Spears Show !!

The curtain opens, and a broadcast studio, complete with a disc jockey, rolls out of the side of the Megacruiser. The D.J. is live, on the air, and has a full complement of cart decks, phone hybrids, and all the other equipment it takes to do a complete show on major market radio.

Flaps in the side swing open , and two complete air studios are revealed, with a 'Green Room' for celebrities to rest. A 70" Video Monitor opens at the front, showing music videos, ads for KIIS clients, or just video images of the crowd outside.

A wireless mike lets the jock work the crowds, announce records, and keep the show flowing from anywhere around the Megacruiser...

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