The KIIS-Link

A completely portable, flyable, and complete two-way satellite system for remote broadcasts. Using APTX encoding, the system provides C.D. quality bi-directional stereo audio from anywhere in North America with just a two-watt transmitter.

The 'Indoor Unit' includes a stereo directional line amplifier, V.U. meters, monitor speakers, audio switching panel and a Comstream DT-4000 terminal package. The laptop computer is used to control the system as well as monitor EbNo and transmit RP. The system's been to Mexico, Catalina, Hawaii, and is used each year to carry the Dees show from the Bahamas, (which has no digital phone systems)

The outdoor unit travels in two cases, and uses a 1.2 meter Viasat dish. A Hitachi 2 watt radio head provides the Ku Band transceiver, and an inclinometer, level and compass are used to locate the proper satellite. The entire system can be assembled and aimed by one person in less than 30 minutes.

The Indoor unit, showing the dual stereo line amps, and the audio selector and metering panels. (Built by Jerry Burnham). Included are a Line Level Mike for testing with the studio, and a power distribution panel. The rack rails are shock mounted to the sides of the Anvil Case.

The KIIS-Link satellite system packed for transport. Weighing under 300 pounds, it travels in the back of a van, and can easily be shipped air cargo.

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