The Jiant Jethroburger

Just South of Las Vegas, is a small bar where the USADR people used to eat while tuning up the experimental station (on 1660 kHz.) This bar serves a very special hamburger, called the Jethroburger.

The Jethroburger has become legend in the annuals of the USADR project, not only because of the bar and the statue outside, but because of the heritage of the way it is consumed...

You see, the Jethroburger contains over 36 oz. of beef;
and is over 10 inches in diameter.
So, it usually takes a team of people to consume one of them.
And if one team isn't enough, then the remnants of the Jethroburger must be packaged and delivered to some unsuspecting person on the second team.

This is usually done by delivering the J.B. to their hotel room close to midnight, knocking on the door loud enough to insure they get the message, and disappearing into the night. The responsibility then falls on them to see that the balance of the J.B. is consumed.

Jerry Burnham, in this picture, successfully obtained multiple meals from his Jethroburger...

In the recorded history of KIIS, only one person has ever even attempted to eat a J.B. singlehanded.

(No one else would want to subject their body to such a rigor.)

But on Wednesday, April 8th, 1998, Dan Feely did, in fact, consume a Jethroburger. By himself. Further, he was able to leave the table and drive away without benefit of first aid. This singular distinction is one Mr. Feely is likely to maintain for some time. Who else would be crazy enough to try ?

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