Rick Dees does the top rated Morning Show in the Most Important Radio Market in the U.S. He knows what it takes to put together a captivating and entertaining program. As such, he prefers to use a console with rotary pots, because they make it a lot easier to control levels without having to look at the console all the time. In the same way that touch-typists don't need to look at typewriters, Rick needn't look at the console to know what he's doing.

This is an R.C.A. BC-7A console, born in 1952. Originally built for use as a TV sound mixer, it's been extensively modified for stereo program, audition, and cue busses. It uses new Straight Wire Audio program amplifiers, the RCA Cue Amp and Intercom, and is used for both the morning show as well as 'The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40'. The mike preamp uses (gasp!) 12AT7 triodes, (that's TUBES to those that don't know) and was built by Doug Fearn Electronics.

This tube-based mike preamp adds materially to the warmth of the on-air voices, even though the difference isn't that obvious listening to the console output. It's when it passes through the 'down-stream' processing and goes on the air that the warmth really becomes obvious.

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