The Story with a Happy Ending ...

Two different cranes were involved, one with a 160 foot boom, and the other with a 120 foot boom. We'd considered helicopters, but that would have meant evacuating the block, and being responsible for some livestock next to the site.

And the choppers would likely've had problems with the tower guy wires...

Also - we just didn't have the time to coordinate with the F.A.A.

The boxes were finally in place, and connected to each other, The system took power the first time it was applied (on February 22nd, 1998) without problems, and has been on the air ever since.

The bottom line: There were no second chances; the deadline was unequivocable. It was a matter of faith and trust. The timeline would only work if everything went perfectly. If a line had slipped, if we'd dropped a box, or if anything didn't work, we would have missed the deadline.

Even after the success, we still burned up some parts. For details,

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