Building the Megacruiser

Roy Laughlin, President and General Manager of KIIS FM. Roy provided the funding and helped convince Gannett that the project was worthwhile. His vision helped make the project a reality.

Applying the vinyl artwork to the sides of the Megacruiser. This took two days. The entire art project was stored on a single floppy disc, (Which might explain why it gets a little fuzzy when you get up close..)

The Artwork applied and the doors going into place. The windows on the Dees studio have yet to be added, and the stage door is still being fabricated.

This will provide an idea of the sheer size of the project. The Megacruiser is 13-1/2 feet high - the legal limit in the State of California...

The Roll-Out Stage

On tracks, it's driven by a worm shaft. Limit Switches keep it from going too far. This was taken before the floor was laid in. Two lengths of 2" flex run under the floor to carry power and audio.

Fastening the skin to the frame. The stage has yet to be mounted on the roof, and the subwoofer compartment is being used to store wall insulation.

Building the wall between Dees studio and the green room. The A/C duct, running along the ceiling dampens the compressor noise; the A/C unit itself is on the front of the trailer

These doors retract flat against the side of the trailer. If we want privacy, they block the windows.

One problem we had with other vehicles was that people could just stare in the windows, and upset the talent. Having the studio on the second floor makes the windows too high for this to be a problem.

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