Inside the Megacruiser

The Megacruiser serves a number of functions; remote studios, dance stage, Morning Show remotes. It's even been used for Poetry Readings !

The 'Tech-Deck' houses the broadcast equipment; P.A. Systems, audio processors, R.F. Systems to carry programming back to the studios, a microwave oven and small refrigerator -- just what we need to stay on the air and well fed after the earthquake.

The Air Conditioning is on the front of the trailer; this allows the cold air it produces to go through 30 feet of sound deadening duct before arriving at the Dees studio in the rear.

A 20 KVA diesel generator is mounted below the tech deck. We carry enough diesel fuel to stay on the air for two weeks. All this is in preparation for what might be necessary to stay on the air following an earthquake. The Megacruiser can feed the F.M. transmitter directly using the narrow-band microwave. So even if the main studios in Burbank are destroyed, we can still broadcast from here.

Radio Transmitters and Amplifiers to get the signal back to KIIS. We use 951.7875
MHz. for the link. At the top of the STL band , it's free of interference and can carry a full stereo composite signal back to the transmitter.

This is the LPB 10 pot console Dees uses in the Megacruiser. He also has a full Gentner 4 line request line phone system, an Instant Replay, 6 cart machines, two guest mikes, and remote controlled windows that allow the option of privacy from the crowd. He can also switch on and off the guest mikes in the adjoining 'Green Room'..

The stage on the roof of the Megacruiser with the safety rails down. A complete band can perform from up here.

The racks carry the 240/120 volt and 12 volt power distribution, generator control, equalizers, feedback controller, patch bay, Optimod 8100 processor/stereo generator, 2 way, battery charger, video equipment, and pneumatic mast control.

The Dees studio in travel mode. The cart decks are taken off the countertop, and lined up on the floor. The chairs are tipped over so they won't roll around while travelling.

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