Whose Fault is This, Anyway ??

This web site is being built by Mike Callaghan with lots of assistance from Dan Feely, Jerry Burnham, and Klaus Landsberg

The Web Site is dedicated to the memory of Douglas N. Schneider. Aviator, Broadcast Engineer, and Humanitarian.
Doug was , and still is, an inspiration to all of us lucky enough to have known him. He passed away at an early age, but did more to help the people around him than anyone else, before or after.

Whether it was getting up in the middle of the night to fabricate a part for a station that was in trouble, or using his spare time to outfit special vans so they could be driven by the handicapped, Doug Schneider was always there 100% of the time for anyone who needed his help.

We used to show a photo of Doug as he was when he was here.

But, somehow, it seemed more fitting to have a photo of where he is now.

Wherever he may be, he can now feel the intense gratitude that dozens, if not hundreds, of those of us that are left will always have towards him.

Doug Schneider; 1945 - 1990

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