KYHT, Yermo - where transmitters get blown away!

We have a small FM Station on 105.3 that serves Barstow. Located in Yermo, it produces just 430 watts. The photo above shows the small white building that housed the transmitter. It was held down with just one safety strap. On the night of 1/21/99, the building blew away.

This shows part of the debris that was left. Under this, the power panel is buried, along with many of the cables that hooked various pieces of equipment together,

Another portion of the building. It was constructed of metal panels sandwiched with styrofoam. Apparently, the 80 mph. winds buckled the panels, and the building collapsed and then became airborne.

The lines coming down off the tower were severely kinked, so we needed to add new splices ahead of the damaged areas. (This affected both the STL receive and the RF transmit cables.)

When the coaxes were pulled out of the rack, it broke the input connector on one of the STL receivers. This went right into the preselector, and was beyond repair. Luckily, we didn't need this receiver to make things work.

After moving the equipment into a new home, making a new power cable for the Harris exciter, and hooking it all up again, we were again about to send power up to the antenna, and get the station back on the air...

The revived equipment, in one of the buildings that survived the windstorm...... To get KYHT back up and running,. we needed to fabricate new power cables for the exciter, a number of BNC cables, as well as the 1/2" Andrew lines. Special Thanks to Harris Tech Support, who was able to provide the pin-outs for the cables that were 'gone with the wind' so we could rewire them.

Some of the crew trying to restore operation the day following the windstorm. In all, three FM stations and a nuber of relay systems were damaged when the building collapsed.

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