For years, many radio stations have been using Satcom C-5 to downlink sports programming and other program feeds.
It's been possible to do this with just 6-10 foot mesh dishes; the same type you see on the roofs of bars, restaurants, and even in some backyards.

KXTA used one of these as well; it was located at the old AM transmitter, and it fed three Scientific-Atlanta Encore receivers through a splitter. This meant we had to go to the transmitter plant any time we wanted to change a channel or transponder number.
However, the handwriting is on the wall; in the next couple of years some newer, higher power satellites will be parked adjacent to Satcom C-5, and the smaller dishes like we've been using will be unable to see C-5 because of the stronger signals from these new satellites.
So, we had to go to a larger dish. A LOT larger....
This is a Prodelin 3.7 meter dish. It's large enough that the mount must fasten to the structural members of the building.

The roof is 12" thick, so the threaded rods go all the way through and clamp to the beams.
With a dish this large, it can only be aimed at certain times, like when the satellite is in the center of the 200 square mile slot it's been allotted.
The Scientific-Atlanta receivers, now located at the studios so that channel and transponder changes are easy.

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