Failing to Plan is the same as Planning to Fail

A major part of the project was careful planning of where each of the components would be placed. On the equipment floor, we needed to insure our host station, KTNQ, would be able to move equipment in and out of the space they used behind our room. That's the reason for the huge gap between the rear of the phasor and the South Wall.

The lines also had to go under the 165' wide driveway. This shows the routing from the phasor under the asphalt, and up the face of the adjoining building. There the lines went over the top of the parapet and back down to the roof surface, where they were routed to the individual tower filters.

Once on the roofs, the lines were laid across wooden 'trestles' to protect them and keep them out of puddles when it rained. The lines had to clear skylights, A/C units, and numerous other obstacles.

Once at the filter inputs, the lines swept up off the roof surface into the bottoms of the boxes. This plan was used to show placement and to determine total cable length.

The fittings and end connectors used with the coax are really expensive; so we needed an exact count of what would be required prior to placing orders. The following type of sheet, combined with a spreadsheet of the needs for all the parts of the plant, gave us the count we needed.

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